Flock a doodle doo

I’m testing the blog interface in the new browser project, Flock. The gui is clean and easy to understand. I’m an ecto user for most of my blog purposes and find going back to a web interface is clunky feeling in general. The purpose built ecto way of blogging satisfies the geekier side of me more.

Paragraph handling is more akin to a text editor than a blog editor. When I say this I refer to the shift+return v return keystrokes to start a new paragraph or to just enter a line break. Interesting…

I miss having a html editor option as I like to see a bit of what’s under the bonnet when I post. I just tried the “Drag stuff to blog it” area without seeing results. I dragged a tiny gif icon. Perhaps it needs a url… Hmmm… Nothing. Oh well, it is in developer status.

Nice start though. Definitely a nice start. (Spellcheck would be a good addition…)


~ by Jen on Monday, 24 October 2005 - 5:18pm.

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