Assignment 1 part 1

The following is my second attempt at the following assignment: “Tell us in about 300 words why you want to write, what you hope to gain from this course and your ambitions for the future.? I say second attempt as the first was unfocused and didn’t fulfil the requirement properly. There is no need to share the initial crack. The following was written on 26 November 2005. It has not been submitted yet as part 2 is required as well.

Assignment 1 part 1: Why I Want to Write (in 300 words)
To see my bookshelf, one would believe that I am already a writer. I have all the right books. Grammar, style, vocabulary and punctuation are all there. It’s a book collection that has been building for many years and referenced for mostly pleasure and the occasional written quandary.

I love the English language. It intrigues me, fascinates me and seems to prove a compatible match. Now in my thirties, I believe I have outgrown the insecure fumblings I once felt were reflected in what I penned. I have come to terms with the angst-ridden poetry in old notebooks and even find that some of it wasn’t as bad as I thought. In the present I write most days and have for nearly two years. Inconsequential web journal writing mostly, but all the same, I write often and tend to be pleased with the results. My next challenge is to get up the courage to have what I write reviewed by my tutors so that I can grow this love of language into something memorable, stylish and from a practical standpoint, marketable.

What I hope to gain from my experience with The Writers Bureau is a further polishing and guidance that can only be given by people who have made it their lives to write. The kind of writing I currently produce already pleases me, but is it saleable? That’s what I need to learn through your instruction. I have an opportunity in life to change my career path to whatever I choose and I have chosen writing as my direction. With the assistance of the course, I plan to turn what comes fairly naturally to me into the articles that editors want. Perhaps one day I’ll write a novel, but for now I want to learn how to become published.

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