You sit there, unable to concentrate because that incessant humming from your computer’s fan is droning on and on and on… The furnace just kicked in. The traffic outside is without mercy. The barely audible sound of your downstairs neighbour’s television thumps through the floor like an industrial site. Noise. All you want to do is write quietly but life’s relentless rhythms chip away at your concentration and sanity.

noiseEnter Noise. Noise is tiny application for the Mac that has a blissfully simple purpose: it makes good noise. Good noise? Yes– the kind of noise you want if muffling the world is what you need. Your choice, White Noise (No not like in the movie- not the voices of the dead… that would be counter-productive.) or fabulous Pink Noise. Choose one and play it through headphones for an auditory barrier against the distracting sounds of life around you. It’s lovely. (and free!)

Blackhole Media


~ by Jen on Wednesday, 30 November 2005 - 8:15pm.

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