The Secrets…

Resources for writers abound and when it comes to the internet, it can be difficult to weed out the worthless from the worthwhile. Neil pointed me to a site that offers newletters by pay subscription, but more importantly, free advice podcasts. The site is The Secrets. Michael A. Stackpole’s dubious web page layout should be ignored in favour of the information he presents.

I have downloaded and subscribed to the podcasts with iTunes, though you can use whatever application suits your needs best. Have a look at the sample newsletter in pdf format to get an idea of the kind of content you should likely expect in the paid subscription. As I said, I’ve only subscribed to the podcasts, but after hearing the first audio file, episode zero, there’s a good chance that the rest will not disappoint. With 37 books published, (I got 150 hits for his name on Amazon!), this fella likely has plenty of worthwhile advice. Happy listening!

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~ by Jen on Wednesday, 30 November 2005 - 6:50pm.

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