(I almost forgot to post it!) Assignment 1 Part 2

Task: Visit a local market, fair, place of historical interest or sporting event (even a football match). In fact, anywhere that interests you and might interest your reader. Make notes of what you observe about you. Write up a piece of between 300 – 500 words from your notes describing the event. (You should try to make your tutor feel the atmosphere of excitement of the place. Use your imagination and descriptive powers to the full to produce an interesting piece of writing.)

Assignment 1 part 2 (417 words)
We headed up the motorway that evening with what seemed like plenty of time. The cold, rainy, late November weather was virtually ignored by most drivers and allowed us swift passage, but our travel fortune died just short of parking.

We arrived at the Gloucester Green car park like one too many drones eager to cram into the hive. Stalled in an unmoving queue, we turned our attentions to finding an alternate place to park. Minutes flew by and our dinner plans began to fizzle away. Oxford is an old city with unpredictable roads; dark narrow streets tested our navigation. Irritation transformed into panic as we wove our way through the unfamiliar city. We needed parking fast. We needed to know how to get to the theatre. We drove in circles. If time has a voice, I know I heard it laughing when we finally darted from the car, scraped together a sense of direction, and raced over the cobblestones.

With a rumbling tummy and sweaty temples, I bellied up to the bustling theatre snack bar for sweet popcorn and drinks. The parking fiasco had rendered our evening too short for a proper dinner and nearly too late for snacks as well. After a sprint up the stairs to the balcony and a helpful point to our seats, we could breathe calmly again. We were late, but we weren’t alone. We hadn’t missed a thing.

As I sat munching away on my regrettable meal, I noticed that cool winter air and theatre patrons create an unusual indoor atmosphere. I had been to this same venue several months earlier — sat in similar seats — but was able to see much more clearly then. On this night, humid breath hung a heavy aura over the crowd. The blurring of normal details in the haze gave our surroundings a surreal feeling. The theatre’s red seats and walls were illuminated warmly with soft yellow lighting and moist air draped all around. It seemed almost alive in there. After the house lights went out, the dreamlike fog dissipated. The giant creature once again became a room full of people instead of the steamy monster’s belly I had imagined. Hot stage lights burned off the remaining damp. By the time the curtain had risen, focus became easy and I traded in my imagination for autopilot. I settled further into my seat and, eating one piece at a time, I started to enjoy my ridiculous dinner. We made it. It was time to be entertained.

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