A most inspiring and cobweb-clearing book

My birthday yesterday was largely spent at the Oxford Border’s Bookshop. I blew through well over £100, taking full advantage of many price reductions in the store-wide sale. One of the last books to rest in my shopping basket was Writing from the Inside Out: Transforming Your Psychological Blocks to Release the Writer Within by Dennis Palumbo.

I am changed for having read this book. I use the past tense of read as I will finish this book within a few hours. It’s been that important for me to absorb it.

Written by a successful author and screenwriter, Writing from the Inside Out is chiefly about the psychology of the writer. It’s a book with a very different approach to helping you with the craft. Palumbo is both a writer and a psychotherapist who seems to specialise in helping those who feel inadequate, fearful and have doubt in their own abilities. He is not preaching but is instead unfolding truths of why we beat ourselves up or procrastinate or struggle with writer’s block (among other obstacles).
It’s not a book to teach you how to be a writer, there are plenty of those out there (which seem to make you feel as though you’re missing some secret formula unless you buy the book), but rather it’s a book to help you retrain your very understanding of what already makes you a writer and how to empower you with the one secret you do need — you are enough.

I highly recommend this book for all writers who are cruel to themselves, harsh on their craft and are waiting for some magic writer fairy to visit one day. You are enough, and this book proves it without gimmick or pretence. An excellent read for a psychological insight into the creative mind. (I understand more about my attitude towards my painting and drawing now as well, thanks to Palumbo.)

Good luck!

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~ by Jen on Monday, 9 January 2006 - 4:36pm.

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