A snippet of something I wrote for audacious communications

The art of omission

As a writer, I choose words carefully before committing them to a page. My toolbox includes grammar, punctuation, and proper spelling. These tools feel as familiar as my favourite pair of jeans and are at least as versatile. An arsenal of reference books dominates my shelves, but perhaps one of the most overlooked and concise truths in writing is best quoted from the the deceptively brief book, The Elements of Style, by Strunk and White: “Omit needless words.?

Adhering to such a simple principle takes time and practice but for a writer, can become nearly second nature. To the budding podcaster, omitting needless words can mean not podcasting. We are all gifted with a best method of communication and although I am comfortable speaking in front of large groups of people and am confident with my writing, I struggled like a fish out of water when recording a personal podcast. My mistakes? I didn’t script it or plan ahead. I pressed ‘record’ and expected to sound brilliant. I had more needless words than you can imagine. I knew better but ignored the rules. As a result, I spent several hours fighting a losing battle with my personal podcast and won’t release it. How did I go so wrong?


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