Another one gone! Assignment 3: in the post!

I’ve been seriously more active in discussing the ups and downs of my writing course over on my blog, but it is here that I will give the real dirty dirt on it. I sent out my assignment today — roughly 1800 words divided into reader’s letters, fillers, and a mini-article. Of course I meant to send it out sooner, but I honestly got swept away into the writing life of it. Several days of intense productivity befell me and I began to know what it’s like to be a writer. Research, idea sparks, long hours in front of the keyboard — it was exciting!

I allowed myself one small hour of disappointment yesterday as the clock ticked past the postman’s collection time. I was in my final editing stage and missed the mail by a slim margin. The assignment is better for having been delayed, but it felt like a tiny defeat to not get it out, after all my hard work, and then have all evening left to stare at my sealed and stamped envelope. Braving the wet, rainy snow today, I walked to the post box and away Assignment 3 went.

I still got a little buzz of nervousness when it disappeared into the slot, but I walked away proud.

I look forward to my next round of critiques from Alex and tomorrow I’ll begin lesson number 4.

Here is a response from the one negative reader’s letter that I boldly sent by email without first presenting it to my tutor:

Hi Jennifer,

Thank you so much for writing to us. We always enjoy hearing from our readers. Your feedback is really important to us and helps us keep our magazine relevant to our readers.

We’re sorry you were disappointed with the feature ‘Your most confident year yet’. Thank you for sending us your comments, and rest assured that we have fully taken them on board. Feedback from our readers is incredibly useful for helping us improve our magazine! We hope you enjoy reading healthy in future.

Thanks again for writing to us,

Best wishes,

The healthy team

I’m pretty sure they won’t print the letter I sent to them, but the article I was negative about deserved the criticism and because of that I was given a perfect opportunity to write something less favourable. I’ve not heard from the other two publications I sent reader’s letters to. Maybe that’s a good sign.

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