A strange little contest

I had almost forgotten about a funny little contest in the January issue of Writing Magazine. The prize is modest but there is no entry fee and it was a challenge I couldn’t resist.
Task: Write a passage of no more than 250 words which contains as many different ‘ff’ words as you can come up with.

I had gathered loads of ‘ff’ words last month as I looked forward to constructing an entry. But then I set aside the magazine and forgot all about it until yesterday. Fortunately, the deadline isn’t until 15 March. I spent this morning writing my entry and am pleased to report that I’ve written 250 words (in short-story format) and sprinkled 58 unique ‘ff’ words (plus 6 duplicates) throughout the entry. Not bad! 🙂

After the 15th, I’ll post my submission here. The winner will be awarded £25 plus a Writer’s News pen and will also be published in Writing Magazine. The winning entry may also appear on the Writing Magazine website.

I think I may have a winner here, but I’ll be sure to report on whether my confidence pans out or not. However the judges vote, it was a very creative and challenging exercise.

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~ by Jen on Tuesday, 7 March 2006 - 4:55pm.

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