Letters, letters… sending out those letters…

Readers’ letters. Think they’re all from your neighbours, housewives, and grandmas?
Think again.

Loads of the things are written by writers looking for exposure and prizes. I’ve got my letter writing hat on and have been firing them off to magazines. My last assignment involved doing this and the current one does as well.

It’s an interesting exercise for me because typically I have a certain amount of mild-mannered ā€” nearly apathetic ā€” attitude when I read stories and articles. It’s not that I don’t care about what I read ā€” I just tend to carefully consider what I will let my blood pressure increase over. I’m choosy about where I expend that energy.

To write readers’ letters, you have to turn off the buffer and crank up the excitability. I have found it somewhat difficult to tap into this as my general nature is to be more relaxed. However, once into gear, the see-saw of reading to writing a response comes a little easier. I’m enjoying the process more and more, though some of the muck I’m reading (and writing) would not normally enter my radar. Personal taste aside, I want to see my name in print.
Even if it is only about some tabloid topic in a women’s weekly rag. Gotta start somewhere…

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~ by Jen on Tuesday, 14 March 2006 - 9:57pm.

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