Of love, spoons, and heros

Happiness? Joy? Love? Hmmm… not always present or obvious when learning a new way of life. Oh, I have all of those fickle and intangible ingredients, but as a favourite old Joy Division song once droned, "Love will tear us apart."

Finding the way isn't easy. However, finding words that have nothing to do with your current assignment is, believe me. I've got words, get your red-hot words here. I've always had words. But how to string together the right ones for the right purpose proves a more elusive and heart-breaking beast to tame. Brilliance shines brightest in hindsight. Right now I'm feeling about as tarnished as a spoon collection in a car-boot sale. If you rub away the fog on the surface you can see the potential glimmering and gasping to be seen — used. But it's how to effectively wash away the muck that is the tricky part.

In nearly every Hollywood movie the hero encounters seemingly insurmountable obstacles on his (or, often in these modern times, her) quest for resolution. Beaten, bruised — even if metaphorically — they arrive at the best end. The lumps are being felt around here and I can only hope that they are the final scrapes before it all clicks into place. I need the right words. I need my Hollywood ending. I need less mucky spoons.

Of course, if I go by Hollywood's example (thanks to The Matrix movies) 'there is no spoon…'
If that's the case, am I screwed? 😉


~ by Jen on Friday, 7 April 2006 - 6:22am.

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