Magazine differences between the US and UK

Research and market awareness can be the most time consuming and expensive parts of a writer’s career. I spend quite a bit of money every week gathering a handful of publications to better spot editorial trends and loads of hours reading the bloody things.

When I was in America last month visiting family, I stopped in a local bookshop with a fantastic news stand department. I carefully selected a handful of titles to bring back to the UK for further study. As an American, I know it’s wise to look at both sides of the Atlantic as a potential sales arena for my writing. One of the magazines that flew back to Berkshire with me was the American edition of Reader’s Digest. I’ve recently become a subscriber to the UK edition and upon finding my first home-delivered issue in the post today, I noticed the cover looked oddly familiar…

Last month’s US issue (April 2006) is this month’s (May 2006) UK edition! Well, It’s close anyway. Look at the covers (I tend to mark any non-UK magazines in my files with its market in black Sharpie for my own quick visual reference.):
—Click pic for larger view—
One immediate difference is the content: 168 pages for the UK issue vs 212 pages in the US. Plus the cost is very different: $2.99 for US vs £2.95 for the UK issue! In USD that’s $5.25 for considerably fewer pages! (Perhaps it’s fewer ads, but I’ll dig in and let you know.) Next analysis will be for actual article content and market changes. Should be interesting. I’ll give a report here.


~ by Jen on Saturday, 22 April 2006 - 12:34pm.

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