Starting to get it…

Aw, screw it. Open the damn thing you chickenshit…

That’s what I said to myself when I picked up the envelope from my writing tutor. Turns out, this assignment that I’d toiled over (with a dash of lost faith in myself) went over really well. The previous work, Assignment 3, was a bit bumpy (not that I thought so when I wrote it) but after receiving my critique I’d all but wondered what the hell I was trying to to with this magazine shit. I delayed and procrastinated in some sort of fear-based self-pity until I honestly felt I couldn’t justify postponing Assignment 4 any longer.

Writing more fillers, letters, and an analysis without the internal compass I thought I could trust, I finally mailed number 4 with a letter asking for further explanation regarding my blunders in number 3. Turns out, number 3 wasn’t so bad afterall — but this new assignment certainly has redeemed me. Evidently, forcing me to lose my way a bit was just the mental reboot I needed. I worked harder, but not in a way that felt contrived. I thought about what I was doing in a new way — perhaps with a hint of exasperated need to get it right. Whatever it was, I nailed it and am back on track with positive marks and honest “working writer’s” input on the questions I raised. I feel a bit on top again and think this Assignment 5 in front of me will probably turn out fine. I’m not taking the course books as gospel anymore but instead blending them with all of the outside wisdom I’m picking up on. Alex, my tutor, is sprinkling some real-world help into his critiques and the books and magazines on writing I’m studying are invaluable as well. No course book it that good…

I feel a bit like I’ve been playing a video game that I’m not familiar with and though my character died at the bottom of a pit (I have been playing the new Tomb Raider…) I have a sparkly new chance to get it right now that I understand some of the terrain ahead of me.

That’s a good place to be.


~ by Jen on Wednesday, 26 April 2006 - 12:02pm.

4 Responses to “Starting to get it…”

  1. Ever thought about writing a critique colum for a video games magazine. I mean the feminine perspective can be so very Paris Hilton “hot”.

    Have you met success anywhere else beside that music piece you mentioned a while ago?

    with love,
    curious boy

  2. I meant “colon” sorry


  3. heh heh

    Hmmm… writing stuff for video games, not just critiques, is actually an interesting market. I may look into it a bit more. It is clearly a booming industry and somebody has to write all that stuff!

    As far as the music magazine article— my work was accepted and fit into the publication, but the damn thing never made it to print. My article was for the premier issue, but it looks like the startup never left the gate. So it goes… Thanks for asking though! 🙂

    (* jEN assigns the gold star of the day to john for paying attention *)

  4. With your writing career blooming and

    With your colon booming, you’ll be unstopperable

    *jen takes back gold star*


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