I could get used to this…

Money Money Money!Another surprise check came in the post today! Whoo-hoo!
OK, so maybe reading all the crappy women’s magazines can pay off… well, not in lost brain cells, but I can likely offset the cost of buying a handful of them every couple of months this way.

This is truly encouraging. I have a little log book that I use to track submissions and payments. Out of nine letters to editors sent off I have received a total of £20 (two letters sold) to date. I think that’s pretty good. Now if I can just get some of the better paying publications to notice me then I’ll be an even happier bunny.

The next thing to attempt is actual submission of fillers, tips, and articles. It’s a big step to go from a tiny, insignificant letter to the editor to having a bigger chunk of ink on a page, but though I’m not fond of the idea of writing for the trashy magazines it’s the logical step for the time being— it’s a starting point. One must cut teeth somewhere, right? Models and actors can be discovered on the streets or in line at the grocery, but writers are not noticed in such ways.

I don’t pretend to be better than the weekly women’s magazines, I just don’t like them. But hey, I do like money, and that is certainly something we have in common.

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~ by Jen on Friday, 30 June 2006 - 12:11pm.

2 Responses to “I could get used to this…”

  1. Congrats, belated but congrats anyway! It really doesn’t matter where you start as long as you get going 🙂


  2. Thanks Kev!

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