Reader’s Digest? Sweet!

reader's letter in Reader's DigestI’m just back from a mini holiday at the Edinburgh Fringe in Scotland. This morning I padded downstairs to the mail slots to find an envelope from Reader’s Digest. My first reaction was, ‘oh boy, another sweepstakes entry,’ but no— this was genuine handwriting on the envelope. (I am pretty good at recognising the real stuff after working pre-press for a major printing company, processing more junk mail art than any sane human should be exposed to.)

Inside, a check and a copy of the magazine. Turns out it’s the current issue (September 2006) so if you rush to your news stand you’ll see my letter to the editor inside. I assume this is only applicable to those living in the UK or with access to an international selection of Reader’s Digest magazines, but regardless, it’s in there. This has made my morning.

Getting a letter in Reader’s Digest feels pretty damn good, not only because it’s a higher calibre publication than most, but also because they pay well. I’ll tell you a secret: they technically overpaid for my submission, but I’ll just chalk that up to editorial discretion. Who am I reject additional payment? Thank you RD— I think I love you.

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~ by Jen on Wednesday, 23 August 2006 - 9:52am.

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