oh so quiet

I’ve had so much going on lately that the updates here have not just taken a back seat— they’ve been left at a rest area on I-70 somewhere outside Indianapolis.

The writing stopped happening for a bit, but not because I stopped enjoying it. Life got in the way and now that I’ve crashed, burned, vacationed, purged, and imbibed (see how you don’t even need to know the details?) I’m back on track and picking up where I left off.

I delayed a writing lesson until after I returned from holiday since it deals with travel writing. I’ve found additional information and resources for both of the books I’m working on. I’ve got a couple of books I’m reading (partially thanks to Amazon Wish List fulfilment – ta!) and things are beginning to look less hazy in general.

I’ve got assignments to write, competitions to enter, and reading to catch up on. The wheels are turning again and I think it’s time they head back to that rest area on I-70 to pick up where the updates and I parted ways.

For more information on me, my life, and my transition, click on the links within this sentence.
Now, a fresh cup of coffee and work.


~ by Jen on Wednesday, 6 December 2006 - 11:54am.

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