A new year and a new outlook

The year ahead has got to be less crap than the end of 2006 was. That last quarter year nearly killed my spirit beyond revival. I suffer ADD with a side order of depression— this was barely endured, but here I am and so I guess I’m a tougher cookie than estimated.

I’m looking at 2007 with new optimism. The writing ground to a bit of a halt during most of those last dark months of 2006, but I’m working on staying on a new and positive track. I still have good days and bad, but at least I’m feeling more in control. I’m also reading more. I just finished “Speaks the Nightbird – Book I: Judgement of the Witch” (Robert R. McCammon) and “Speaks the Nightbird – Book II: Evil Unveiled” (Robert McCammon) and really enjoyed them.

As my good spirits strengthen so will my writing output increase. I’ll be sharing some of it here soon.

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~ by Jen on Thursday, 18 January 2007 - 8:32pm.

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