Getting back in gear

It’s been a bit of a dry spell, writing-wise. Not that I don’t have ideas — no, I keep putting ideas into a little notebook — but if you keep up on my main blog, regularjen, then you know my battle with ADHD and (in my case) the associated depression. I’m still doing the writing course, though not actively at the moment. The course is designed to be completed in each person’s own time, so no worries there. We’re moving house soon too. That’s a bit of a disruption to say the least. But regarding writing, I have some promising news:
I have been recording ideas and recently one sparked enough of an inspirational flame that I’m writing it now. I took the time to mind-map it yesterday and have done some of the necessary research for the fictional, yet oddly familiar, location for the story. I have a few more facts to look at, but that said, I’ve got a really promising story here. Perhaps a book if I don’t get too frightened of the process. It’s fiction, you may have guessed, and that usually terrifies me. That means I have to tap my head for ideas instead of reporting on reality. I have to construct a reality and let you in to explore it. That’s a very personal thing and the fear of failing you, the reader, is daunting. I’d love to let go of this fear. Part of it is related to my ADHD and part of it is the common affliction of most writers. I’ll do what I can and try not to give up.

I still should post a short story I wrote for competition last year, but I’m thinking of reworking it a bit and submitting it to another competition this year. We’ll see.

Back to the fiction I’m developing— I have a town name, a location, the protagonist and a few relevant satellite characters’ names, and a situation that developed into a mind-map of the story. I’ve got the parts, now I must find the courage to followthrough.

Oh, and what I’m reading right now is: “Yoga for People Who Can’t Be Bothered to Do It” (Geoff Dyer). I’ll give you my thoughts after I finish it.

Now, time to curl up with my laptop and get writing…

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~ by Jen on Saturday, 17 March 2007 - 11:22am.

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  1. I love the layout of this blog. The colors are awsome!

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