Am I doomed?

I got to thinking the other day — a day where I made up another plot for another novel I haven’t written yet — that perhaps my ADD gets in the way of writing.

Here’s how:

– I think up a story.
– I outline or mind map the story.
– I come up with the character basics.
– I am satisfied.
– I shift focus to something else entirely never to return again to the vignette I created.

Does this happen to other people too? I need to find the focus to continue working on something that I’ve already got a handle on… I know roughly what happens and that’s enough for me. Resolved. Fin.

Must flesh out a few stories now. Who knows, I may have a few novels worth already! Or at the very least, the world’s shortest book of short stories… 😉

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~ by Jen on Monday, 21 May 2007 - 5:02pm.

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