A little update

Writing was getting a back seat to life for awhile and that wasn’t making me happy. We moved house, I got a part-time job, and my immigration status all changed at the beginning of this year. Writing kept getting pushed aside as I dealt with the stress and changes. Things have evened out now and we’re settled in all three of those aforementioned areas. I’m even beginning to get settled into the writing again. Yesterday I went on a writing spree and churned out over fifteen pages of brain-dump in a little more than an hour! It felt fantastic! I don’t expect this many pages will make it out of me everyday, but my rate is increasing and I’m feeling more confident than ever. Soon, I’ll be submitting my assignments again (no rush, as there’s no time limit) and I’m preparing a few contest entries as well.

I’m beginning to believe that things are possible again.


~ by Jen on Tuesday, 17 July 2007 - 7:06pm.

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