Something I kept quiet about for awhile

They needed words in a hurry for a launch about to happen; I was conveniently available at whatever-o-clock at night to help out. I did the copywriting for the channel descriptions for PodShow UK (aka:, reflecting their partnership with BT in the UK) and although the space they sit in now cuts off several characters of most of the descriptions (my original brief and subsequent copy approvals did not ask me to shorten— the copy was actually written for a larger space in a previous site design), my careful yet hastily written words are visible to millions of site visitors the world over. That’s a pretty cool thing. Here’s a bit of what I did:

Click thumbnail image to enlarge.
The reason I kept quiet about the involvement was mostly that I didn’t want to jinx it and see Podshow put in ‘professional’ words in place of my last-minute, deadline-looming filler text. They haven’t yet, and it’s been months and months. I think they have bigger things to concern them than my words. Must mean I did all right.

Looking forward, I’d love to rewrite the channel descriptions to fit the character limitations of the space they’ve crammed my words into. Some of the text doesn’t make as much sense and loses some of the wit it had before. I’ll ask about this… I have a very local guy I can speak to. 😉

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~ by Jen on Thursday, 19 July 2007 - 10:20am.

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