Not the typical intimidation

I was just reading through an article (found through StumbleUpon) that talks about the common points of intimidation that overcome many writers.

  • “I could never write as well as _____ can.”
  • “What could I say that hasn’t already been said by someone else (or worse, said better)?”
  • “I don’t know if I can keep up a writing schedule.”
  • “What if nobody likes what I’m writing, or thinks I’m an amateur?”

The interesting thing is that these are not the same bullet points that intimidate me. Not even close. Mine aren’t so much run-of-the-mill anxieties, but are pretty specific to me and my brain. You’ll see the ADD/ADHD issues loud and clear.
What I worry about:

  • “I don’t know if I’ll ever fill in the blanks. The highlights were enough for me, and now I want to move on to the next story.”
  • “What if I don’t remember enough to be faithful to the events. I don’t want to be called a liar.”
  • “How many beginnings before I can finish a story? What if I can only write beginnings?”
  • “Which country am I writing for now? US? UK? Can I even separate my native English from my adopted English?”

I don’t have any doubt in my ability. I know that all the major stories/themes have been written already— it’s how you make the story your own that matters. I can keep to a schedule through discipline (when I don’t choose to ignore my own nagging). The opinions of others don’t factor as a concern because I know I won’t please everyone. I’m sure my list is probably shared by others out there, but the points aren’t usually covered by writing pep-talk books, advice sites, or blog posts. Perhaps I’ve just created a project for myself… 😉


~ by Jen on Monday, 31 March 2008 - 3:02pm.

2 Responses to “Not the typical intimidation”

  1. Hey, thanks for the linkout, and I’ll add my two cents.

    I don’t have the same bullet points of that particular post either. My concerns (not fears) are close to yours (and for the same reasons, I’ll add. Or is that ADD).

    I move too fast. I read too quickly. Have I gathered all the facts? Did I miss anything? What was it I missed? Damn, I can’t remember. I get distracted again. I lose my train of thought. I come up with a brilliant idea only to have it disappear two seconds later, replaced by another equally brilliant idea (or sometimes not so brilliant). I skip, skim and scan. I act impulsively. I get overwhelmed easily.

    A challenge? Definitely. I have my coping mechanisms and they work. A fear? Not at all – I believe that the way my mind works lets me achieve all sorts of things that hold others back.


  2. Wow- you check your incoming links fast! lol

    Sounds like your brain and mine have some similar issues! I’m learning to cope and overcome the difficult bits a little at a time. There’s plenty of good advice out there that can be bent to my needs. Besides, no one likes one-size-fits-all anyway. 😉

    Thank you for visiting this “side” blog – I hope to see you around my main haunt: Now I’m off to keep snooping through yours…

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